Forestry Mulching – A Beneficial Solution for Handling Overgrowth

Whether managing a few personal acres or hundreds of acres of public lands, forestry mulching services provide a cost-effective, beneficial solution to controlling overgrowth.

It is an ideal solution in that mulching is less destructive and less time-consuming than other land clearing methods and offers many other benefits as well.

From cleaning up overgrown residential properties to protecting the community, these are just some of the reasons why a forestry mulching company is the best one to handle vegetative overgrowth without destroying the topsoil, and the environment.

  • Habitat Conservation - Forestry mulching protects the habitats of all types of flora and fauna by leaving the land unscraped and only removing excess plant growth. In this manner, local habitats and waterways for desirable wildlife remain undisturbed, though better controlled. 
  • Insect Control – The removal of overgrowth by a mulching company reduces insect populations that can be dangerous to humans, pets, and wildlife alike, especially around residential properties. 
  • Animal Welfare - With insects and invasive species controlled and plant health maintained by reduced overcrowding and improved soil health, native animal species can still forage, have shelter, and remain healthy as well. Traditional land clearing destroys habitats and renders native animal populations defenseless and without the food they require. 
  • Wildfire Control - Overgrowth is a known wildfire risk, as many of these fires either start in dense vegetation or are spread by it once sparks reach forest overgrowth. Forestry mulching controls overgrowth while creating a moist, slowly decomposing natural carpet on the forest floor that is much less susceptible to burning. 
  • Community Safety and Enjoyment - Mulching services are a preferred method for maintaining public parks and trails as well as keeping open community land safe and controlled without the need to strip away all vegetation. It leaves a cleaner, more beautiful environment that is safer for people and animals alike, promotes a safer and more convenient enjoyment of nature, and even promotes cleaner air conditions. The more green areas that communities have, the lower their air pollution levels tend to be, as all that greenery absorbs CO2 while releasing oxygen.

In summary, it is easy to see why forestry mulching is such a preferred solution for handling vegetation overgrowth.

Controlling wild lands and messy lots is more beneficial than simply clearing everything away and burning it.

Mulching services protect both the human and natural side of things, helping to create better communities.

Considering that mulching companies can perform this work faster and much less expensively than completely clearing and stripping land and disposing of removed vegetation, mulching is a win-win solution for all involved parties – and animals!