Follow These Tips for A Successful Kitchen Makeover!

Kitchen remodeling is a project that can become challenging when not undertaken the right way.

Between the cost involved and the inconvenience while they are happening, kitchen makeovers require careful planning to get the desired end result.

These kitchen redesign tips can help anyone thinking of investing in a new kitchen so their project is a success, without so many bumps in the road!

  • Pick Out Appliances and Sink First - Choose appliances and sinks first, since the rest of the kitchen remodel will be based on the size and location of these critical components. 
  • Chose One Single Focus Element - When looking to add interest or color as part of a kitchen makeover, stick to one impressive element so it is fully noticed. Too many attention-getting ideas can instead turn a kitchen redesign into chaos and confusion.  
  • Make A Kitchen Remodel Bag - As the design starts coming together, bring all tile, paint, cabinet, and other samples around in a bag so there is no guesswork for choosing colors and materials. 
  • View Tiles Before Installing - When putting down a tile floor, lay tiles out first before affixing them, taking note that every tile will be slightly different. Move them around as needed to find the most desirable positioning, then install them.  
  • Plan Around Kitchen Use - Consider how kitchen space is currently used and what space could be put to better use in order to come up with a workable design that promotes efficiency and comfort. 
  • Get Creative With Storage - Add drawers, slide-outs, and cabinet space wherever possible in a kitchen makeover to reduce clutter and make the space more useful. 
  • Prepare to Be Without A Kitchen For A Time - Accept ahead of time that the kitchen will be unusable for days or weeks, depending on the timeline of the remodeling project. Make alternative plans for that time to reduce household stress while the contractors are finishing the makeover.
  • Design With A Professional - Regardless of how many great ideas a homeowner may have, they should still include their kitchen remodeling professional in the final planning. Experienced kitchen remodelers have been there and done that, know what will and will not work, and will also have some great solutions that may not have been considered yet.

Kitchen makeovers can be stressful, but they can also be fun and exciting at the same time.

To keep the project under control and end up with a great kitchen redesign, these tips from professionals will help.

Work with a kitchen remodeling expert with a great portfolio of work to combine ideas for an amazing kitchen makeover!

Remodeling Your Kitchen? But – Why?

Why is a loaded question, even when it comes to kitchen remodeling; however, it is an important one for homeowners to ask themselves when thoughts of doing a kitchen remodel start becoming actions.

Why hire kitchen remodelers to do this expensive type of improvement?

While there are many obvious reasons why any homeowner would want to do that, figuring out the main “whys” guiding their wants and needs to remodel is essential to getting the best results. 

Why Do You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Before touching anything in an existing kitchen or even sitting down to plan with kitchen remodelers, homeowners need to understand what factors are driving them to want to invest in kitchen remodeling in the first place.

  • Space - Is the kitchen too small? Would more space make the kitchen more useful? 
  • Layout - Floor plan and layout, including the positioning of appliances, are common factors in many kitchen remodels. Changing it around can make it easier and more comfortable to work in the space. 
  • Storage Issues - Another common issue that homeowners address with their kitchen remodeling is a lack of storage space that will allow them to make the space more orderly while keeping all necessities within reach.
  • Workspace Needs - Is there a need for more counter space, an island, a breakfast nook, or some other specific workspaces within the kitchen zone? Homeowners should consider all the ways they currently use their kitchen, and how they would like to use it when planning with kitchen remodelers.  
  • Appearance - Naturally, many kitchen remodels are done for cosmetic reasons. Before sticking with the basics, research bolder and more exciting styles and looks to design an impressive and unique kitchen space. 
  • Upgrades - Is the main reason for kitchen remodeling to upgrade appliances and cabinets? Don’t do that without considering all the other points listed above, as having kitchen remodelers make multiple changes at the same time can be more cost-effective than doing it item by item.

Know What and Why You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen!

The message in this is simple.

Kitchen remodeling can be a hefty investment.

For homeowners to get the most for their money, remodelers find it essential that they know “why” they want to put money into those services so that they get the most desirable results.

A design created exclusively by kitchen remodelers may not offer all the modifications that a homeowner actually wants or needs.

The easiest way to identify all of those things is to think about all the reasons why the current kitchen no longer works and why a kitchen remodel is necessary to ensure all those details make it into the new design!