Follow These Tips for A Successful Kitchen Makeover!

Kitchen remodeling is a project that can become challenging when not undertaken the right way.

Between the cost involved and the inconvenience while they are happening, kitchen makeovers require careful planning to get the desired end result.

These kitchen redesign tips can help anyone thinking of investing in a new kitchen so their project is a success, without so many bumps in the road!

  • Pick Out Appliances and Sink First - Choose appliances and sinks first, since the rest of the kitchen remodel will be based on the size and location of these critical components. 
  • Chose One Single Focus Element - When looking to add interest or color as part of a kitchen makeover, stick to one impressive element so it is fully noticed. Too many attention-getting ideas can instead turn a kitchen redesign into chaos and confusion.  
  • Make A Kitchen Remodel Bag - As the design starts coming together, bring all tile, paint, cabinet, and other samples around in a bag so there is no guesswork for choosing colors and materials. 
  • View Tiles Before Installing - When putting down a tile floor, lay tiles out first before affixing them, taking note that every tile will be slightly different. Move them around as needed to find the most desirable positioning, then install them.  
  • Plan Around Kitchen Use - Consider how kitchen space is currently used and what space could be put to better use in order to come up with a workable design that promotes efficiency and comfort. 
  • Get Creative With Storage - Add drawers, slide-outs, and cabinet space wherever possible in a kitchen makeover to reduce clutter and make the space more useful. 
  • Prepare to Be Without A Kitchen For A Time - Accept ahead of time that the kitchen will be unusable for days or weeks, depending on the timeline of the remodeling project. Make alternative plans for that time to reduce household stress while the contractors are finishing the makeover.
  • Design With A Professional - Regardless of how many great ideas a homeowner may have, they should still include their kitchen remodeling professional in the final planning. Experienced kitchen remodelers have been there and done that, know what will and will not work, and will also have some great solutions that may not have been considered yet.

Kitchen makeovers can be stressful, but they can also be fun and exciting at the same time.

To keep the project under control and end up with a great kitchen redesign, these tips from professionals will help.

Work with a kitchen remodeling expert with a great portfolio of work to combine ideas for an amazing kitchen makeover!

What Are Pad Foundations and What Are The Different Types?

Pad foundations are concrete supports built to hold up the weight of the buildings constructed on top of them, transferring that weight evenly down into the soil.

Foundation pads are used in multiples, with a separate pad being positioned to sit under various load points under the building.

Though they are installed relatively shallowly in comparison to other types of foundations, building pad contractors may also install them deeply depending on soil conditions and the amount of weight they must support. 

Different Types of Foundation Building Pads

There are multiple types of foundation building pads that can be used to support a home or building:

  • Concrete - Square or rectangular concrete foundation pads, also referred to as concrete footings, that are positioned as needed under a building to provide support under various weight and stress points. Since they are not reinforced and designed for a shallow installation, building pad contractors tend to use plain concrete foundation pads only for smaller, lighter structures. 
  • Reinforced Concrete - Square or rectangular concrete pads that are reinforced with rebar to create a stronger, yet thinner pad capable of supporting more weight. Also used for shallow installations, reinforced concrete can be supportive in less space. 
  • Combined Column - A foundation building pad that includes two concrete pads that are affixed into a longer one that surrounds them both. Combination column pads are generally used to support structures that are close to property lines or other structures, which prevents the use of concrete pads in a centered position under the exterior walls and/or corners. This configuration adds additional support to those exterior walls. 
  • Continuous Pad - A foundation that includes multiple foundation pads built into one long, continuous pad that extends the length of the structure, or sometimes completely around it. Building pad contractors will choose a continuous pad foundation for structures that require many smaller pads positioned very close together, to prevent overlapping while making the foundation more secure. 
  • Pad and Ground Beam - A foundation constructed similarly to a continuous pad foundation, only with building pads connected and reinforced by ground beams with metal reinforcements. These are stronger, and more stable foundation pads that require less space between the pads.

In Summary

Concrete foundation pads are all mostly the same, in that they are square or rectangular concrete building pads designed to sit under a structure to support it in the ground.

Depending on the building's size, weight, the design of its support structure, and its position in relation to property lines and other structures, building pad contractors might choose one or more of the different types of foundation pads to securely support that building.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? But – Why?

Why is a loaded question, even when it comes to kitchen remodeling; however, it is an important one for homeowners to ask themselves when thoughts of doing a kitchen remodel start becoming actions.

Why hire kitchen remodelers to do this expensive type of improvement?

While there are many obvious reasons why any homeowner would want to do that, figuring out the main “whys” guiding their wants and needs to remodel is essential to getting the best results. 

Why Do You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Before touching anything in an existing kitchen or even sitting down to plan with kitchen remodelers, homeowners need to understand what factors are driving them to want to invest in kitchen remodeling in the first place.

  • Space - Is the kitchen too small? Would more space make the kitchen more useful? 
  • Layout - Floor plan and layout, including the positioning of appliances, are common factors in many kitchen remodels. Changing it around can make it easier and more comfortable to work in the space. 
  • Storage Issues - Another common issue that homeowners address with their kitchen remodeling is a lack of storage space that will allow them to make the space more orderly while keeping all necessities within reach.
  • Workspace Needs - Is there a need for more counter space, an island, a breakfast nook, or some other specific workspaces within the kitchen zone? Homeowners should consider all the ways they currently use their kitchen, and how they would like to use it when planning with kitchen remodelers.  
  • Appearance - Naturally, many kitchen remodels are done for cosmetic reasons. Before sticking with the basics, research bolder and more exciting styles and looks to design an impressive and unique kitchen space. 
  • Upgrades - Is the main reason for kitchen remodeling to upgrade appliances and cabinets? Don’t do that without considering all the other points listed above, as having kitchen remodelers make multiple changes at the same time can be more cost-effective than doing it item by item.

Know What and Why You Want to Remodel Your Kitchen!

The message in this is simple.

Kitchen remodeling can be a hefty investment.

For homeowners to get the most for their money, remodelers find it essential that they know “why” they want to put money into those services so that they get the most desirable results.

A design created exclusively by kitchen remodelers may not offer all the modifications that a homeowner actually wants or needs.

The easiest way to identify all of those things is to think about all the reasons why the current kitchen no longer works and why a kitchen remodel is necessary to ensure all those details make it into the new design!

Forestry Mulching – A Beneficial Solution for Handling Overgrowth

Whether managing a few personal acres or hundreds of acres of public lands, forestry mulching services provide a cost-effective, beneficial solution to controlling overgrowth.

It is an ideal solution in that mulching is less destructive and less time-consuming than other land clearing methods and offers many other benefits as well.

From cleaning up overgrown residential properties to protecting the community, these are just some of the reasons why a forestry mulching company is the best one to handle vegetative overgrowth without destroying the topsoil, and the environment.

  • Habitat Conservation - Forestry mulching protects the habitats of all types of flora and fauna by leaving the land unscraped and only removing excess plant growth. In this manner, local habitats and waterways for desirable wildlife remain undisturbed, though better controlled. 
  • Insect Control – The removal of overgrowth by a mulching company reduces insect populations that can be dangerous to humans, pets, and wildlife alike, especially around residential properties. 
  • Animal Welfare - With insects and invasive species controlled and plant health maintained by reduced overcrowding and improved soil health, native animal species can still forage, have shelter, and remain healthy as well. Traditional land clearing destroys habitats and renders native animal populations defenseless and without the food they require. 
  • Wildfire Control - Overgrowth is a known wildfire risk, as many of these fires either start in dense vegetation or are spread by it once sparks reach forest overgrowth. Forestry mulching controls overgrowth while creating a moist, slowly decomposing natural carpet on the forest floor that is much less susceptible to burning. 
  • Community Safety and Enjoyment - Mulching services are a preferred method for maintaining public parks and trails as well as keeping open community land safe and controlled without the need to strip away all vegetation. It leaves a cleaner, more beautiful environment that is safer for people and animals alike, promotes a safer and more convenient enjoyment of nature, and even promotes cleaner air conditions. The more green areas that communities have, the lower their air pollution levels tend to be, as all that greenery absorbs CO2 while releasing oxygen.

In summary, it is easy to see why forestry mulching is such a preferred solution for handling vegetation overgrowth.

Controlling wild lands and messy lots is more beneficial than simply clearing everything away and burning it.

Mulching services protect both the human and natural side of things, helping to create better communities.

Considering that mulching companies can perform this work faster and much less expensively than completely clearing and stripping land and disposing of removed vegetation, mulching is a win-win solution for all involved parties – and animals!

The Many Benefits of Commercial Fencing for Businesses!

Business owners have a lot to worry about, without the added worry about keeping properties secure.

Commercial fences help to eliminate many of the problems that can happen at commercial business locations.

Chain link and other commercial-quality fences installed by professional commercial fencing companies offer important benefits that can help businesses function better and more profitably.

Below, read about the top reasons why every business should call a commercial fence company for a quality, protective fencing installation!

  • Building and Site Security - The main reason why all building owners should consider installing commercial fences around their locations is for the increased security these tall protective installations provide. Commercial fence companies offer a variety of fencing solutions for securing commercial properties day or night to keep out anyone that should not be there in order to protect the business from theft, vandalism, and other threats.
  • Public and Employee Safety - Having control of who enters a commercial business location is critical for keeping employees safe from the public and for keeping the public safe from hazards they could encounter at the location, especially during closed hours.
  • Business Privacy - By keeping unauthorized people out, the fences installed by commercial fencing companies also protect business privacy, which might be important for some companies.
  • Access Control - Perimeter commercial fences that surround business buildings make it possible to control who has access to the facility. Using closing gates that are activated by passcodes, companies can control who comes in while also being able to track that access from day to day.
  • Protection of People and Pets - As it has become more acceptable and common to bring kids and pets to work, even just to visit for a day, this presents yet one more safety issue that can easily be controlled by contracting commercial fencing companies to install protective perimeter barriers. Preventing unauthorized access by others also protects employees, customers, and anyone else at a facility that has permission to be there.
  • Property Value and Insurance - In relation to all of these other benefits, commercial fences at business locations, whether they are warehouses, office buildings, retail locations, or some other type, increase the property value and help companies get more affordable insurance policies, too.

Commercial fences provide important safety, security, and protection to the buildings they surround, allowing businesses to operate with fewer concerns of theft, unlawful access, and other liabilities.

Reliable local commercial fence companies can provide the perfect installation to fit each building with the appropriate level of protection needed to appreciate these and many other benefits.

Is Doing A Bathroom Remodel Worth The Cost?

Of all the reasons why homeowners choose to invest in bathroom remodeling, there are two reasons that apply to most of these projects.

  • The most common reason why anyone chooses bathroom renovations or remodeling is to have a more comfortable, useful space in their home.
  • Another popular reason why people do it is to increase the sale value of their homes.

In either of these cases, are bathroom remodels actually worth the investment?

The answer is yes and no, depending on each situation!

Is It Financially Wise To Do Bathroom Renovations?

Real estate professionals tout that bathroom renovations can increase the salability of a home.

While this is very true, the research shows that financially all may not be what it seems.

Surveys done on bathroom renovation costs in comparison to the added home price suggest that in even the best-case scenario, bathroom remodeling brings an added two-thirds of what was actually paid for those improvements to the selling price of the home.

Still Will Always Increase The Sale Potential

In other words, it usually costs the homeowner money in the long run, but that might not always be a bad thing.

Dollars and cents aside, a remodeled bathroom that might not bring a 100% return on investment at the time it is done can definitely make a home more desirable and more likely to sell at a higher price, even years down the road.

The time in-between is spent in greater comfort, which is its own plus.

Most Bathroom Remodels Done To Increase Owners Comfort

What about when homeowners decide on bathroom remodels with no plans to sell their homes?

That decision is usually made out of need or a desire for greater comfort and when it comes to personal comfort, the payback is that comfort.

Homeowners who invest in a bathroom renovation or even substantial redesigns for their own comfort typically do so by adding the features and looks they desire so they can get greater enjoyment from their homes.

In that case, the cost doesn’t really matter as much as long as homeowners feel that they have gotten their money’s worth from a bathroom remodeling contractor.

What About Halfway In Between?

That said, there is a middle of the road that can improve the looks and feel of a bathroom and make a home more desirable at a slightly higher sale price while getting most of that investment returned and that is doing a minor bathroom renovation.

Changing some things like paint, counters, fixtures, storage, and other less expensive features can greatly improve a bathroom without the great expense that could be harder to recuperate in a sale.

Whatever the reason for choosing to invest in bathroom remodels, homeowners will get the most for their investment by hiring an experienced local bathroom remodeling service!

Can Building A Custom Home Be Less Expensive in 2022?

Housing prices have exploded over the past year, causing many hopeful homeowners to throw up their hands in defeat as they are being outpriced.

For those thinking they will have to wait years longer for the real estate markets to calm down, working with a custom home builder could be a viable solution.

When you weigh the benefits of hiring custom luxury home builders over buying someone else’s overpriced house, there’s a good chance it could actually work out to be less expensive!

How Can Custom Homes Cost Less?

How? It all has to do with supplies, and supply and demand.

Since the economy has gone crazy post-COVID, home resale prices have risen exponentially.

At the end of last year, the US Census Bureau published data suggesting that the median home price in the US today is nearly $420,000, which is up considerably from years prior.

Cost to Buy Used vs Cost to Custom Build

Conversely, industry experts in real estate estimated at the same time that the price to build a comparable new home with a custom home builder was only $380,000.

That’s a $40,000 difference and probably close to the amount that has a lot of people thinking they have been priced out of the housing market for the foreseeable future.

That difference is likely to increase at least until inflation stops and home sale prices start to go back down again.

Variable – Cost to Buy Lot

The main element that the above estimate does not account for is the price of the building lot a custom home can be built on.

Still, even if that additional $40,000 were spent on land, depending on the size of the home and the cost of supplies at the time of construction, a custom-built luxury home could still come out comparable in price to a pre-existing, pre-owned home.

Build The Home of Your Dreams

Even when close in price, working with a custom home builder gives you one major benefit that buying pre-owned real estate does not - it gives you the ability to build the home of your dreams.

You can buy the land where you want it, choose a home design that works for you, add in the fixtures and finishes you prefer right from the start, and avoid the prospect of making improvements or modifications to make a pre-owned home more workable.

Consider Using A Custom Home Builder

So, before assuming you are at the mercy of today’s inflated real estate market, consider hiring a custom luxury home builder to build a better home for you instead.

Planned well, you could even get away with more house for less money today instead of having to wait years for the real estate market to get under control once more!

Want Your Own Personal Spa? Scandinavian Bathroom Remodels Are In!

If you love the look of the traditional Scandinavian spa, you are not alone!

This natural-looking, minimalist design has become a popular choice for bathroom remodeling over the last year, topping the request list heading into 2022.

The great news is that it is not hard to get this clean, simple, and soothing look in your bathroom working with an experienced bathroom redesign company.

Even if you don’t want every last inch of your space covered in aromatic cedar or clear pine, it is possible to take hints from minimalist Scandinavian design to create your own personal bathroom spa!

  • Wood and White - The two main colors on the Scandinavian Spa palette are the lighter shades of natural wood like pine, beech, ash, some cedar, and white. Plan with your bathroom remodeler to create a design that incorporates the best of both colors in a warm, inviting space.
  • Simple, Straight Lines - Straight, minimalist cabinetry and counters are right out of the textbook of Scandinavian furniture style and look great in spa-like bathrooms.
  • Large Tile and Hardwoods - Continuing on with the white and wood design, hardwood floors combine well with large white or pale gray tile used throughout the rest of the bathroom. For a more rustic look in bathroom remodeling, go with natural paneling on some of the walls.
  • Soaking Tubs - A beautiful, white porcelain pedestal soaking tub is the perfect addition to any Scandinavian style bathroom redesign.
  • Walk-In Spa Showers - Large, walk-in showers with glass doors and wooden accents like seats and shelves are yet another staple of a classic-looking Scandinavian spa-type bathroom makeover to go with that pristine white soaking tub.
  • Natural, Warm Elements for Hygge Comfort - Beyond the permanent fixtures in white and wood, have your bathroom remodeler add some more warmth with natural elements like wood-framed mirrors, tree branch decorations, wooden shelving, and seating, prints in natural frames, plants and floral elements, candles, and other bits of nature to create a soothing, inviting space.
  • Add A Sauna - Last of all, if you have the space, add an actual sauna space into your bathroom remodeling. A traditional part of every Scandinavian Spa, saunas are easy for your bathroom remodeling service to include in your makeover plan, adding that final touch for gaining the comforts and benefits of your own personal sauna.

Scandinavian-style sauna bathrooms are a beautiful way to turn any plain bathroom into the personal spa of your dreams.

Let a skilled bathroom remodeling company help you plan it all out, then create an appealing bathroom spa that will make every day feel like you’ve run away to a cozy vacation lodge!

Why It’s Better to Hire A Pro Bulldozer Operator

These days, you can rent just about anything, including a bulldozer.

While that may sound great on the surface, it might not be as beneficial as it seems for those looking to save money on their smaller construction project.

Renting heavy equipment for a DIY project could cost less initially, but there are many reasons why it is more cost-effective to hire a bulldozing company to help with your project instead.

Top Reason to Hire A Bulldozer Contractor

Before arranging that big delivery of heavy equipment, consider these important reasons why bulldozer contractors are worth every penny paid for their services and how they can actually save you money on your project:

  1. Equipment Training and Certifications - Professional bulldozer and heavy equipment operators have the training required to use said equipment safely and skillfully. They also hold certifications and licenses where required.
  2. Experience - Professional equipment operators are experienced with the machines they are trained on, meaning they can use them safely and efficiently to complete work as required by the specific job. Downtime due to misuse of the equipment, or not understanding its workings, is also minimized.
  3. Speed and Efficiency - Training, experience, and skill with heavy equipment like bulldozers means the work is done in less time, resulting in fewer billed hours for the project. It also means lower fuel costs, which the project owner ends up paying for on top of the equipment rental fee when doing it on their own.
  4. Fewer Mistakes - Operators who are experienced with bulldozers and other specialty heavy equipment make fewer mistakes, again reducing the overall cost of the whole project. There is a smaller chance of problems arising due to poorly executed site preparation work.
  5. Insurance Protection - Professional equipment operators that work for a construction or site preparation company are insured for damages, injuries, and other liabilities.

What do these five important benefits of hiring a professional bulldozing company to handle your sitework, whether the job is big or small, mean?

They equate to better work, less downtime, faster job completion, a safer work environment, and an overall lower cost for the job.

Go Ahead – Hire A Competent Bulldozer Contractor

Even though paying for a bulldozer contractor may initially cost more than just renting a bulldozer and doing it yourself, there is a lot to be said for paying for skill and experience.

That skill and experience greatly reduces unexpected surprises and mistakes that could end up costing you much more in the long run.

Avoid all the headaches that can come with site prep and groundwork by hiring a bulldozer - complete with a trained operator - from a local bulldozer company for your project.

A Sink Is A Sink When Doing A Kitchen Design – Or Is It?

When planning out a kitchen redesign, some might be tempted to reuse their stainless drop-in sink to save a few bucks. It is easy to remove and put back in onto new countertops, so why not?

Truthfully, there is no reason why you couldn’t ask your kitchen redesign contractor to salvage that perfectly good stainless kitchen sink, but before you do, consider the options!

Kitchen Redesigns Don't Necessarily Require A New Sink

If you have no intention of adding a more purposeful or stylish kitchen sink during your kitchen redesign, then there is no reason not to reuse your current one.

Considering the range of prices of different types of kitchen sinks; however, don’t get too attached to it before doing some investigating.

Sure, some designer sinks can cost a thousand dollars or more, but there are plenty that cost much, much less.

For as low as a couple of hundred dollars you can replace that ordinary stainless sink, as functional as it still is and give your cleanup and food prep area a whole new look and some new functionality.

Cost-Effective Sink Changes

What are the most cost-effective changes to make with your sink when working with kitchen redesign services?

If you are replacing countertops, consider an undercounter sink instead. Undercounter kitchen sinks are larger and deeper, giving you a more functional workspace and virtually invisible on the surface of the counter.

They make it easier to keep your entire countertop clean, too, since there is no edge or lip that needs sealing.

Consider an Apron Sink

Another option that can be more affordable than you might think is installing an apron sink.

Apron sinks are available in countless styles and colors including the traditional porcelain farmhouse sink style, all of which can beautify a kitchen sink work area.

Models that include drainboard inserts, double and triple bowl basins, low-divide sinks, and much more are available, made of everything from inexpensive stainless steel to stylish copper, artsy ceramic, stone, and many other materials

Yes or No – Change Out That Kitchen Sink?

The long and short of the whole thing is this: while there are definite ways to save money doing kitchen redesigns on a budget, and while standard issue stainless drop-in kitchen sinks might still look and perform fine, a new and stylish kitchen sink will cost a lot less than you probably think.

The return on splurging those few extra dollars are returned tenfold in how much more attractive that new sink will look with those new countertops.

Changing the sink along with the countertops is one of the most noticeable changes that a kitchen redesign contractor can make for the smallest cost!