A Sink Is A Sink When Doing A Kitchen Design – Or Is It?

When planning out a kitchen redesign, some might be tempted to reuse their stainless drop-in sink to save a few bucks. It is easy to remove and put back in onto new countertops, so why not?

Truthfully, there is no reason why you couldn’t ask your kitchen redesign contractor to salvage that perfectly good stainless kitchen sink, but before you do, consider the options!

Kitchen Redesigns Don't Necessarily Require A New Sink

If you have no intention of adding a more purposeful or stylish kitchen sink during your kitchen redesign, then there is no reason not to reuse your current one.

Considering the range of prices of different types of kitchen sinks; however, don’t get too attached to it before doing some investigating.

Sure, some designer sinks can cost a thousand dollars or more, but there are plenty that cost much, much less.

For as low as a couple of hundred dollars you can replace that ordinary stainless sink, as functional as it still is and give your cleanup and food prep area a whole new look and some new functionality.

Cost-Effective Sink Changes

What are the most cost-effective changes to make with your sink when working with kitchen redesign services?

If you are replacing countertops, consider an undercounter sink instead. Undercounter kitchen sinks are larger and deeper, giving you a more functional workspace and virtually invisible on the surface of the counter.

They make it easier to keep your entire countertop clean, too, since there is no edge or lip that needs sealing.

Consider an Apron Sink

Another option that can be more affordable than you might think is installing an apron sink.

Apron sinks are available in countless styles and colors including the traditional porcelain farmhouse sink style, all of which can beautify a kitchen sink work area.

Models that include drainboard inserts, double and triple bowl basins, low-divide sinks, and much more are available, made of everything from inexpensive stainless steel to stylish copper, artsy ceramic, stone, and many other materials

Yes or No – Change Out That Kitchen Sink?

The long and short of the whole thing is this: while there are definite ways to save money doing kitchen redesigns on a budget, and while standard issue stainless drop-in kitchen sinks might still look and perform fine, a new and stylish kitchen sink will cost a lot less than you probably think.

The return on splurging those few extra dollars are returned tenfold in how much more attractive that new sink will look with those new countertops.

Changing the sink along with the countertops is one of the most noticeable changes that a kitchen redesign contractor can make for the smallest cost!