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Weeki Wachee 2009 Exploration Season: Week 4

Dave Miner passing Event HorizonAs the flow at Weeki Wachee has continued to plummet (as of last week the discharge had fallen below 100cfs), the KUR team has pushed to get more divers acclimated with roles and responsibilities both inside and outside the cave. 

New safety and support divers are becoming acquainted with the fissure and the inherent difficulties that accompany assisting expedition divers through this narrow and flow-intensive area leading to the cave entrance.  In addition, existing team members have had numerous opportunities to reacquaint themselves to the cave via training dives and setup and cleanup dives for Week 3's successful mission dives.

This weekend we were successful in having almost all of this season's new divers learn how to enter and exit the cave safely.  Several of these have learned how to do this in both open circuit (required training) and closed circuit.  The picture above shows Dave Miner passing Event Horizon last year in his Dive-Rite O2ptima FX Rebreather

The new closed circuit divers will be helping the exploration this year by re-surveying cave, near range exploration of new leads, radio location and more.  Week 5's diving will include at least 2 of this year's new divers performing radio location.

In addition to thanking our volunteers, the staff at Weeki Wachee, the Florida State Park system and our sponsors for making the exploration possible we would also like to welcome Amigo's Dive Center as one of sponsors for the 2009 Exploration Season.

STAY TUNED: Week 5 will see the first mission dives that will push the cave beyond the 2007 exploration season.

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