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Weeki Wachee 2009 Exploration Season: Week 3

KUR and SWFWMD dicuss the samplesThis weekend was especially successful and exciting.  We were able to successfully conduct the first closed-circuit mission dives of this year's exploration season.  Just as we expected, everything went exactly as planned.

Many goals were accomplished on this dive.  The first and foremost goal was to retrieve samples of the formations videoed during the last mission dive of the 2007 exploration season.  The samples we retrieved and have been delivered to USF for analysis.  All I can really say is that they look interesting and a lot like decayed wood.  The picture above shows Jeff, Dave and Dave DeWitt (SWFWMD) discussing the formations.  Additionally, the divers (Brett and Paul) were able to collect water samples for a dye trace study being conducted by SWFWMD, carry a datasonde for SWFWMD and retrieve 4 safety bottles that have been in the cave for almost 2 years.  The bottles definitely showed signs of distress but all appeared to be in some phase of a working condition. 

The setup divers from Thursday and clean divers on Saturday are the real backbone behind the mission dives.  If it were not for all of the volunteers, Weeki Wachee Exploration would be impossible.

Next week will be an easy week as there are no mission dives planned.  However, we will be conducting familiarization dives for new divers and getting some our open circuit divers in the cave using closed circuit.

Many thanks our volunteers, the staff at Weeki Wachee, the Florida State Park system and our sponsors for making the exploration possible.

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