Is Doing A Bathroom Remodel Worth The Cost?

Of all the reasons why homeowners choose to invest in bathroom remodeling, there are two reasons that apply to most of these projects.

  • The most common reason why anyone chooses bathroom renovations or remodeling is to have a more comfortable, useful space in their home.
  • Another popular reason why people do it is to increase the sale value of their homes.

In either of these cases, are bathroom remodels actually worth the investment?

The answer is yes and no, depending on each situation!

Is It Financially Wise To Do Bathroom Renovations?

Real estate professionals tout that bathroom renovations can increase the salability of a home.

While this is very true, the research shows that financially all may not be what it seems.

Surveys done on bathroom renovation costs in comparison to the added home price suggest that in even the best-case scenario, bathroom remodeling brings an added two-thirds of what was actually paid for those improvements to the selling price of the home.

Still Will Always Increase The Sale Potential

In other words, it usually costs the homeowner money in the long run, but that might not always be a bad thing.

Dollars and cents aside, a remodeled bathroom that might not bring a 100% return on investment at the time it is done can definitely make a home more desirable and more likely to sell at a higher price, even years down the road.

The time in-between is spent in greater comfort, which is its own plus.

Most Bathroom Remodels Done To Increase Owners Comfort

What about when homeowners decide on bathroom remodels with no plans to sell their homes?

That decision is usually made out of need or a desire for greater comfort and when it comes to personal comfort, the payback is that comfort.

Homeowners who invest in a bathroom renovation or even substantial redesigns for their own comfort typically do so by adding the features and looks they desire so they can get greater enjoyment from their homes.

In that case, the cost doesn’t really matter as much as long as homeowners feel that they have gotten their money’s worth from a bathroom remodeling contractor.

What About Halfway In Between?

That said, there is a middle of the road that can improve the looks and feel of a bathroom and make a home more desirable at a slightly higher sale price while getting most of that investment returned and that is doing a minor bathroom renovation.

Changing some things like paint, counters, fixtures, storage, and other less expensive features can greatly improve a bathroom without the great expense that could be harder to recuperate in a sale.

Whatever the reason for choosing to invest in bathroom remodels, homeowners will get the most for their investment by hiring an experienced local bathroom remodeling service!