Land Clearing – Should You Keep Those Trees?

Whether a parcel of land will undergo site preparation to be turned into a home property, a ranch, or even a commercial shopping center, there is always the question of what to do about the trees.

Land clearing typically includes the removal of all vegetation including all trees, regardless of the type or age of the tree.

More recently, land clearing contractors and project developers are taking steps to save some trees, for some great reasons.

  • Easier and Less Costly Clearing - The larger and more mature a tree is, the thicker and deeper its roots grow. From a land clearing perspective, this means a more difficult removal to get the entirety of the big roots, which can create problems over time if not completely removed. When mature trees are planned into a project it can speed up the entire site preparation, reducing its cost by the hours and effort it would take to fully fell and remove those trees and get the roots out.
  • Natural Beauty and Appearance - Trees are beautiful, even in urban settings. Rather than clearing away existing trees and then replanting with young trees in specific spots, keeping some mature trees adds instant beauty to newly finished projects without the extra cost of planting or the wait for those trees to mature.
  • Ecological and Environmental Impact - Another great reason to retain trees, even smaller ones, is to reduce the environmental impact that land clearing causes. Leaving trees behind maintains the quality of the soil, retains the environment for some wildlife, keeps the air cleaner in the direct surroundings, and provides other ecological benefits. The smaller the disturbance made to the land, the more ecologically sound that parcel will remain.
  • Soil Condition and Flood Prevention - In areas where flooding is prominent, trees are one of the most important preventive measures to keep in mind. Mature trees absorb tens of gallons of water from the soil daily, in turn keeping that soil looser and more absorbent, and able to draw in more water when heavy rains fall. The more trees there are on a piece of land, the less likely that flooding will occur there.

Before assuming any site preparation project should automatically include the removal of all trees, project owners should reconsider.

There are many important benefits to leaving up as many trees as possible during the land clearing.

An experienced land clearing contractor who is conservation-minded can help you determine how this can work for your project and which trees on your land should be saved for the most impact.